Material Exterior Grade

MEG at Architect@work

The rich Abet Laminati MEG (Material Exterior Grade) Collection will be protagonist at the Stuttgart edition of Architect@work.

MEG is the Abet Laminati construction product ideal for architecture.

Solid, compact and long-lasting, MEG is specifically designed for outdoor application; it is suitable to the building sector, where it represents an excellent alternative to traditional materials. MEG is mainly used for cladding fa├žades (typically rainscreens) and balconies, as well as for sunscreens, street furniture and outdoor signage.

MEG can be customized thanks to the digital printing technique.

MEG gives the opportunity to be free to design and preserve the architecture at the same time, leaving a mark: just like having a sheet of paper and a pencil, to change spaces together with thoughts.

Come and visit us to discover the features, the advantages and the unlimited possibilities of customization of MEG.

7/8 December

Stand 164

Stuttgart, Germany