Laminate technical sheet

PRINT HPL is a high-pressure decorative laminate, in other words a panel consisting of layers of cellulose fibres that are impregnated with thermosetting resins and subjected to a high pressure process consisting in the simultaneous application of heat and pressure. This causes at the same time the fluidization and polycondensation of the resins, resulting in a homogeneous, non-porous material with the required surface finish.

HPL is supplied as panels, available in different sizes, thicknesses and surface finishes. The nominal thickness we produce ranges from 0.6 to 30 mm.
Basically, 60% of HPL consists of paper, while the remaining 40% consists of thermosetting resins, tipically phenolic resin for the core layers and melamine resin for the surface layer(s). Some HPL laminates have metal layers reinforced core, while others have metal foils or wood veneers as the decorative surface.

PRINT HPL is also available in a flame retardant grade (called “F1”) which, due to its unique and in any case halogen-free composition, ensures even better fire reaction classification than the standard version.