Digital Nature Karim Rashid

Digital Nature

Karim Rashid designs the nature of the digital age. Now available by indent with a lead-time of 6 weeks by airfreight.

Abet Laminati presents Digital Nature, the new collection designed by Karim Rashid.
The ten décors that comprise the swatch are available in three colour ways. They capture the emotional sphere to give sensory experiences: In pure Rashid style; the artist’s ability to visually describe even the most difficult concepts and his particular sensitivity, make every creation extraordinary.

Interpreting our world and the nature that surrounds us, transforming it into geometry that blend real and artificial.

Snow, Leaf, Icicles, Rain, Klouds, Waterfall, Krystal, Shell and Glacier tell us through shades, shapes and intricate lines the possible variations of natural elements, while Cities concentrates the dynamism of the metropolis in traits that propagate into different directions in as seemingly chaotic way