Dimoredesign Glowin Chair


Design, history, art and architecture will be protagonist during the 2016 edition of DimoreDesign (Bergamo, Italy), the tour of Historic Residences exceptionally open to the public and at disposal of the creativity of five world-renowned designers: Alessandro Guerriero, Clino Trini Castelli, Atelier Biagetti, Alessandra Baldereschi and Viabizzuno. Each one interprets with artistic sensitivity and own style the interiors and exteriors of historic buildings: scenic halls, luxurious rooms and worderful gardens houses great impact works.

Every Wednesday until 5 October, furthermore, the artists will meet the visitors in occasion of dedicated meetings to discuss their works. Wednesday 14 September will be the turn of Clino Trini Castelli who realized in Villa Grismondi Finardi a unique artwork: Stanze d’Ombra.

Castelli proposes again an environmental theme recurring since when, in the ’70, he discovered in the cultur of the half-light a qualitative option to the luminous intensity of plastic languages of modernity and to customize the space he selected Lumiphos, the phosphorescent photo-luminescent decorative laminate created in collaboration with Abet Laminati in the seventies. The result is the perfect realization of the theme of this series of events: the interaction of design/history/tradition.

DimoreDesign – Bergamo (Italy)

Tradizioni e Contaminazioni

Every Sunday 4/25 September


PHOTO: Clino T. Castelli, Glowing Chair, 1972 – one of the first applications of Lumiphos