Suzie Idiens Unintended Consequences STACKS 2020_2

ABET Laminates and “Unintended Consequences” by Suzie Idiens

The exhibition ‘Unintended Consequences’ features 6 pieces from Suzie Idiens’ recent Laminate Series, each work made of Abet Laminati laminate on black MDF, with black chamfered edges outlining each geometric form and referencing the two dimensional line drawings the work originated from.

Suzie Idiens is interested in the subjective nature of perception and the paradox that arises when viewing reductive abstract art – the effects are self-referential and rational while simultaneously evoking a visceral experience. By methodically questioning the effects of adjusting geometric form, repeatedly manipulating its shape or frontal plane, and restricting the use of applied colour, she asks how the sum of these actions will impact the viewer’s experience of the piece. Her aim is to balance intuitive decisions with formal concerns of line, form, colour, finish and spatial composition.
This exhibition explores the various outcomes derived from introducing simple adjustments to the surface colour and outlines of a geometric form.

Suzie Idiens –

Fiona Susanto Photography (

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All pieces were CNC machined by BOX + DICE (